~Challenge Accepted~

Hi everyone,

Check out our latest Artwork ~Challenge Accepted~

Title: Challenge Accepted
Credits: Adam Khaled
Genre: People Photography
Item #: DRT-2226
Purpose: Home/office wall decoration

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Thank you,
Adam Khaled

6 thoughts on “~Challenge Accepted~

      • mdhoffmannphoto says:

        Hi Adam, I’m from Surrey, BC (near Vancouver, British Columbia) I just read your ABOUT section – So now I know you are from Egypt and have had quite an amazing life of travel + photographic adventures. I love that photo of you and African boy! My 2 best friends are from Zimbabwewe and Ethiopia (Eritria). Well, my life is not exciting like yours, but my sense of humour compensates for that, haha. You mentioned future grandchildren – do you have kids? We have 5 kids (now adults and mostly married) and I am the Badass Grampa to 2 little guys. Looking forward to staying in touch … and let me know if you ever plan to visit Vancouver.

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      • Adam Khaled says:

        Hi Michael, thank you for your comment. Actually no I don’t have kids yet, i am married to beautiful girl from Slovakia and we’re still in the beginning of our life. Im glad you like my photo with the Africa boy, It has been taken 3 years ago while visiting one of the orphan houses in Egypt, there is a long story behind this kid, and I have a dedicated portrait for him, i tried from this portrait to deliver a tiny part of that big story behind him, the photo is in my portfolio under “portraits” tab. This photo was during the last time I saw him, after a big fight between me and the orphan house which owns him after their refusal to adopt him according to some stupid and ridiculous terms and boundaries in law which set by an Islamic country like Egypt. Absolutely will let you know if visit Vancouver, it would be my pleasure and honor to meet such a gentle man like you in real! 🙂 wish you the best. Adam

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      • mdhoffmannphoto says:

        Thanks for taking time to fill me in a little about your life. I’m glad you have found a wonderful woman to share your life with!
        With your story about this orphaned boy, I sense that you have a deep compassion for him. It is deplorable what some people/governments do to control the poor and helpless. May you (and your wife) be a blessing to all who’s path you cross!


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