Guess Where – Photo Contest! #001

Welcome to our first “Guess Where” contest.

Here is the deal….

Take a sharp look on the following image and GUESS where this photo have been captured,

If you guess it right I will ship to your address HQ printed version as gift for FREE!

Contest Terms: This contest applied only for Slovak residence participants.

Image Credits:
Photography: ProSession
PostProduction: AdamscreationS

~Brought to you by~

4 thoughts on “Guess Where – Photo Contest! #001

Add yours

      1. Hi, thank you for your guessing! 😀 London could be right, who knows ! 😀

        Please register your answer in the comment of the contest post on my FB page.

        Tonight I will announce the winners, if you are one of them, i will ship to you a printed HQ version of the image for your decoration use (totally for FREE) 🙂

        Contest Link:

        PS: Please make sure that you read the contest rules before submit your answer ‘to assure that your answer will be registered properly’

        Thank you and have an awesome day,
        Adam K.


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