The fastest way to edit batch of images in the shortest time possible! (Adobe Light Room Beginners Guide)

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Editing your photos 'professionally' is one of the most fundamental aspects to present a stunning image and also to assure that you get the best out of each image you captured.

As I completely aware as a photographer that an image without retouching, is like a woman woke up in morning and run to the street in rush heading to her work without applying make up on her face… terrible huh? 😀


But also keep in mind, when you exaggerate in editing your image it will eventually look horrible.

That's why in this article I will show you how to edit your photos like a Pro in Adobe Lightroom with only a couple of clicks on your mouse in order to get the best out of your image in the shortest time possible.

Lightroom Presets

When Lightroom was only a beta program (and for Mac only), one of the big features was that you could make changes to an image in the Develop Module, and save those settings to apply them to another image directly! They didn’t even have to be in the same shoot. (Lightroom organized by shoots then, not folders). Unlike Actions in Photoshop, the setting changes were immediate, and easy to undo. These were the first Presets. While they worked pretty much like Presets today, they weren’t as versatile as they are now.

What are Light Room Presets?

Presets are files that allow Lightroom to apply particular Develop settings to an image. They appear in the Left Panel of the Develop Module in the Presets Panel. They’re also available in a drop down menu in the Quick Develop panel in Library.

Light Room presetns location

How to apply Light Room Presets?

There are two ways to apply presets in your Light Room:

1- Making your own Presets

You can get a handle on Presets by making them, exporting them, sharing them, and even importing Presets from other people. First you need to make changes to your image to be able to save a preset.

To save this look to use again, go over to the Presets panel and click the plus (+) in the panel header. You can also choose New Preset in the Develop menu or use the keyboard shortcut: Shift + Control + N on PC, or Shift + Command + N on Mac. This opens the New Develop Preset dialog box, where you save your settings.

new preset

This is a good time to talk about what to include when you save your Presets. You can just save everything into the Preset (which is the default). There’s no harm in that, but generally it means the preset will only work on images that look similar to the one you started with. It also means that preset will overwrite all develop settings in the image, so any other work you’ve done to the image will be lost.


But, there is a better way. The second option (besides saving all settings) is you exclude Exposure from your preset. This means any changes to the apparent brightness of the image you made remain intact. That’s a win straight away.


For organization, you could also create create a new Folder for these Presets.

To do that, click the Folder menu and choose New Folder at the top of the menu > Name the Folder Any Name to remember, better off using a name that reminds you what the Presets does.

how to add new preset folder

2- Download read presets and use them

Download nice presets from the internet and import them in the preset menu and apply them n your image.

To do that, create a folder in your PC and store all the downloaded Presets > Go to Light Room and right click on any of the default Presets in the Preset Menu in > Click Import > Locate the the presets in the Folder you create and Import them or permanent use.

how to import LR presets

Hopefully now you know a lot more about Lightroom Presets than when you started. If you have any questions or comments please share them below.

For more useful useful beginners guides visit this website: 

See below some Images Before and After applying Lightroom presets.



What are you waiting for? Go ahead & try to apply some presets and see how it could improve your images!

Ah by the way! As promised, I have something for you…

I will share with you some cool presets which I personally use to start with, as I found the majority of other blogs are always selling their Presets, so here you will find below a collection of 37 cool presets for FREE with a direct download link.

37 Cool Free Lightroom Presets


Thank you for reading.

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